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It can be an embarrassing topic and one of sensitive nature, but as a martial artist, you need to know that good hygiene is important to stay healthy and for the safety of all our students.

These are the hygiene rules that every student needs to implement to keep our academy clean and our students healthy:

Washyour kimono (gi), rash guards, shorts, and all other training gear after each training session.This not only keeps you smelling clean (your training partners will thank you!), but it also keeps dangerous germs (staph infection & MRSA) from causing serious skin infections.

  1. Make sure fingernailsand toenailsare clipped short before each training session.
  2. Showerand put on deodorant before training. BJJ Hygiene products such as Defense Soapare available. The FDA released a consumer updaterecommending plain soap and water instead of antibacterial soap.
  3. Brush your teeth before training to prevent offensive bad breath.
  4. Showeras soon as possible after training to reduce the risk of skin infections.
  5. Treat dandruff with remedies such as Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo.
  6. Do not train with open cuts or scratches unless they are properly covered.
  7. Do not train if you are sick with common illnesses such as the cold or flu.
  8. Any skin issues need to be addressed immediately. Often, issues like staph infections and MRSA start out looking and feeling like a bug bite, or ingrown hair. If you notice anything suspicious on your skin, please consult a physician and do not train until it is all cleared up.
  9. If you think you may have a staph infection, get medical attention immediately. These infections spread throughout the body rapidly, and can be life threatening if left untreated.
  10. If you think you might have ringworm, consult a doctor, and make sure it is cleared up before training again.
  11. Wear compression shorts or Under Armour-style athletic underwear, boxers and briefs are not appropriate to train in.
  12. Be sure to collect all clothing and training gear from the locker room after each training session, leaving these articles causes foul odors and the spread of germs.