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Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu is a complete martial arts system to allow anyone to safely control dangerous situations. Grappling techniques are used to control and submission holds are used to finish a fight on the ground, where damage to both combatants can be effectively managed by you. The security this art brings to less physically gifted practitioners combined with the complete body workout it provides makes it one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

Beginners Program

While some may think mastering a martial art is difficult, Gracie Barra makes starting your training easier than ever. Our Beginner’s program is designed to base our students in the core fundamentals of the art while providing a great way for more advanced students to hone skills they previously learned.

Professional Instruction

Providing some of the world’s best Jiu Jiitsu coaches is a point of pride at Gracie Barra. Professor Alex D’Hue leads Jiu Jitsu school near Cypress with an incredible passion for seeing his students achieve new personal heights. His time in the U.S. military and His degree in speech communication enhances his ability to provide an engaging learning environment for his students, as well as train a talented assistant coaching staff.

Our Team

If you’re willing to spend so much time training a martial art, why not take it with you when you travel? Gracie Barra’s availability worldwide makes it a clear winner for BJJ amongst travelers and business professionals. With over 500 locations worldwide and several training facilities often established a short drive away, it’s always easy to take your training abroad or on a weekend visit to a neighboring gym.

All Ages

There is no age limit or age cap at Gracie Barra. If you or your child are willing and able to do basic athletic movements such as scoot on your side and lift your hips while laying on your back, there is a program for you at Gracie Barra. Call (714) 655-6050 free introductory lesson at our academy, located minutes from the city of Cypress, California.

Perfect Self-Defense

Many people come to Jiu Jitsu with self defense on their minds. Whether it’s for work, to defend against a schoolyard bully or just to attain a sense of security, the fundamentals of BJJ will give you the confidence you need to thrive under the pressure of any self defense situation. Its proven success over other martial arts makes it an essential part of any MMA fighter’s training and a requirement of the U.S. armed forces combatives program.

Improved Fitness

Seal Beach Jiu Jitsu provides more impressive results than your typical workout. The grappling techniques you will learn improve your core strength by an intense workout in your abdomen increased muscle tone and trimmed body fat. At the same time, you will notice better muscular endurance, improved body balance, and larger cardiovascular capacity.


Our state of the art facility features a mat area, build on a platform to have the same level of cushioning as Judo mats, by stacking white Tatame mats on top of tires.