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Gracie Barra offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in a professional, clean setting that the worldwide Gracie Barra association has been known for, for decades. Fountain Valley residents can quickly travel to our school via the I-405N freeway at the Valley View exit.

No Experience Required

Our Beginners Program is very important to us, because it is responsible for engaging new students and building the fundamental skills of our team. Lessons are always easy to follow and techniques are repeated to ensure complete understanding by all students, yet challenging enough to be useful to anyone at any level of Jiu Jitsu.

Professional Instruction

Being a Head Coach at a Gracie Barra gym is a high honor for any BJJ practitioner. Alex D’Hue takes this responsibility very seriously, approaching every training session with enthusiasm and greeting every student with warmth. His extensive combat experience with the U.S. Marines and in martial arts competition combined with his degree in speech communication and friendly personality make him the perfect combination of knowledgeable and relatable as a Head Coach.

The core of every worthwhile martial art should be the ability to keep you safe in a street fight. While many martial arts provide a partial skillset for what you will encounter, Jiu Jitsu gives you a strategy and wide arsenal of techniques for any position in any situation. It is also the only martial art that gives you effective offensive options from the bottom of the fight, ensuring that your opponent is never truly safe and you are always the one who controls the pace.

Gracie Barra is as well known for breeding champions as it is building a strong family of all kinds of individuals across the globe. As one of the most widespread teams in the world, you always the security of taking your training wherever life takes you. You can visit any of our team’s locations for free and track your progress so time away from home doesn’t mean time away from Jiu Jitsu!


Our state of the art facility features a mat area, build on a platform to have the same level of cushioning as Judo mats, by stacking white Tatame mats on top of tires.