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Brazillian jiu jitsu, or BJJ is all about evening the playing field for the little guy. After grappling to take a fight to the ground, leverage and technique are used to manage the damage to both fighters and to overcome physical disadvantages. Healthy diet and lifestyle philosophies are also taught and encouraged to all students to create a program that’s more than your everyday workout; it’s a way of life.

Programs for Beginners

The beginner’s program is geared first towards new students and secondly towards advanced students who want to review fundamentals. Because this program attracts all skill levels, it is often the best opportunity for someone to learn new techniques and share ideas on jiu jitsu with as many different people as possible.

Professional Instruction

Coaches at Gracie Barra are chosen very carefully for their ability to communicate clearly, be engaging to new students and have masterful knowledge of the art. Head coach Alex D’Hue combines all these skills in effortless fluidity that mimics his Jiu Jitsu style. Between the U.S. Marine corps, his MMA and BJJ competition experience and degree in speech communication, you won’t find a more passionate well-rounded teacher anywhere else.

Practical for Defense

From professional MMA fighter to the U.S. Military, BJJ is trusted to keep anyone as safe as possible in the most dangerous situations imaginable. Its strength is allowing you to stay safer even if you are outsized or outmuscled by an opponent. It’s also the only martial art in the world that creates control and offensive opportunities from the bottom of a fight, making a truly unique and necessary weapon in anyone’s arsenal.

The Gracie Barra Team

Gracie Barra gives you the advantage of strength in numbers. With over 500 training locations worldwide, when your travel from Huntington Beach, it has never been easier to find a training partner wherever you go. Being a team member allows you to visit any one of these facilities for free, giving you the most diverse Jiu Jitsu training available.

Great for Every Age

All ages and body types are encouraged to try classes at Gracie Barra. We are confident that as long as you are willing and able to learn from us, we can enhance your day to day experiences on and off the mat. For more information on classes and schedules, call (714) 655-6050 to schedule a free week of training for you or your child at our Jiu Jitsu academy near Huntington Beach.


Our state of the art facility features a mat area, build on a platform to have the same level of cushioning as Judo mats, by stacking white Tatame mats on top of tires.